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The Golden Dragon Restaurant has always been a trusted destination and often goes back to the people of Bac Giang. Here you will experience a traditional space combined with modern. Vietnamese food restaurant is an attractive place for Vietnamese people to return to the source, a place not to be missed by four-way travelers want to find the land of the S shape.
Traditional Vietnamese food has always been impressed not only by the Vietnamese people but also by international friends thanks to its rustic and sophisticated nature. Vietnamese cuisine is known as a traditional restaurant is very unique between Bac Giang city

With a variety of delicious folk delicious dishes of the hometown, Tortoise Restaurant is more familiar with gastronomy. By the way, the Chef at Tortoise Restaurant has skillfully blown a new breeze into traditional dishes, making the dish unique and unique, yet retaining its distinctive flavor. , authentic, rustic, bold "Vietnamese folk".

The traditional dishes of the Golden Tortoise Restaurant will bring guests to experience the cuisine of North, Central and South, and feel the beauty of Vietnamese culinary culture through dishes such as: Mushroom salad, braised bean sprouts, moon cake, filter cake pure essence Cu Do culture; Pigeon fillet roasted, fried chicken sticky fried close to and many other dishes of folk color.
The space is rich in homeland.

With many diners have come to the restaurant Tortoise is attracted by the traditional space, impregnated with homeland. It's great for a weekend when you are relaxing in a cozy space and enjoying traditional folk delights.
The combination of modern and traditional with VIP room system, Golden Tortoise will give customers new novelties, breaking the way in the space to enjoy food. Vietnamese restaurant with large space accommodating up to 500 guests is an ideal place to hold events, birthday parties and passionate wedding parties. The restaurant has 10 VIP rooms with luxurious space for receptions and is a cozy place ideal for warm family weekend getaways.

Come to join in the space is both traditional and modern, unique in traditional restaurant Vietnam Golden Tortoise

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